A good air rifle

Having a good air rifle for hunting purpose and sometime for home defense can be a thing that many people are thinking of and would like to have the best choice for purchase. If you are only fond of hunting and their home is very safe, there will be no need for you to use the gun for protecting your life then you can forget about the purpose of having a rifle to protect your home. You can be free to choose any kind of hunting rifle available in the market. But in case you need a rifle for both purpose of hunting and home defense then you should have a look at some specialized air rifle. Of course, all the rifles are made with few features for self protection in a very safe living environment. But there are some manufacturers who have produced a kind of rifle which can work for both hunting and home defense.

A type of air rifle for hunting and home defense

In the market now, there is the type of rifle called assault rifle and some of its product can be M4/AR15/M16 type rifle. These kinds of rifles are reviewed as very good guns but the price of them is quite high because of their high-velocity ammunition.

For 2 in 1 purpose in the rifle for home defense as an additional purpose, the rifle is likely to have a lever-action carbine. The function is very reliably and easily to operate, and the ability to hit the target is very high. This kind of rifle is well known for working well in a very short range distance shooting. Ammo ranges of product have had a lot of this kind, it is available in the market and the price is affordable.

There are also other choice for the air rifle with additional purpose and function for home defense. Of course, all of them have the lever-action. A 38 Special/357 Magnum can be one of other choice for you. This kind of rifle can not be as effective as the one mentioned above but at it is widely used and the low cost is a great advantage of this type of rifle. Reviews of users showed that both of these rifles are good and effective for the additional and supplementary function of home defense because they have wide ammo with reasonable cost, reliability, easy to operate.

Another very famous air rifle for home defense is AK-47 because it is an affordable home-defense air rifle. They are quite affordable and very reliable, and ammo the cost is normally reasonable. The disadvantage is that they can be good at home defense but is quite weak as the hunting air rifle.

So when you would like to compare rifle among rifles, you should consider about the price, the availability, and the effectiveness for both hunting and home defense. You have to remember that the rifle must be good and work well for both purpose or in some case it there is one purpose installed for additional or supplementary purpose then the main purpose must be emphasized otherwise this is not considered as a good air rifle. Cost comparison is another thing you should focus on because not all the time the higher can be the better and can serve your purpose well rather than the cheaper one.

Transfer function feature

When you equip yourself with a 2 in 1 function air rifle, you have to remember that in order to change to another purpose you have to use the transfer function button or press in the body of the air rifle. Meaning in order to protect the user in transferring the function of the air rifle, manufacturers have designed there is a press or trigger for the user to use when they would like to choose their appropriate functions for the air rifle in the certain case.

It is one of the ways to protect the users from hurting themselves as well as hurting others and destroying things near the target. Normally the trigger or the press is very easy to use and is designed in the area which is rarely touched in the air rifle to prevent the case that the user can unexpectedly press the trigger when performing the air rifle.

It is better for you to choose this kind of air rifle rather than the one which do not have any automatic function for transferring purpose. Some people who think that they are very good at hunting they can think that they can waste an amount of money to buy this one. Because they can control the speed and know how to manage with the air rifle so they do not need the press to transfer they can adjust and use it for the accurate purpose of home defense or hunting. In any way, it is up to your choice but you must remember that safety is the most important thing when dealing with the real air rifle in real life.

Different bullet for different purpose

It is better for you to choose different bullet for different choice. Because your air rifle will be hung or placed in your house all the time, so the bullet in the air rifle if have inside all the time should be the one for home defense with a less powerful hurting capacity. When you take the air rifle for hunting then you can change the right bullet.


Different types of mountain bike

It is essential for you to take basic and do a small research on type of bike riding before you begin your first mountain bike riding trip. Mountain bike riding includes some different and distinctive types. As I said every types are different from each other; each of them has their own features so that you have to know about each to choose which type is most suitable for you in terms of bike riding purpose, schedule, and financial status and so on.

It is known that mountain biking is one of the most favourite and popular outdoor sports that is good for fitness purpose. It is because riding bike helps you much to burn calories and suitable for people at all ages. Besides, this sport is considered very funny sport due to the fact that people often ride in team and in group of friends. Last but not least, riding bike is one kind of environment protection.

Now, I would like to introduce you some currently available types of mountain biking for you to make decision on which type you like best and want to practice regularly. Moreover, I also give you some recommendation of mountain bike appropriate for each mountain biking type. Let’s go through introduction of several type of mountain biking.

  1. XC Cross Country Mountain Bikes

It is studied that the number of professional and unprofessional bike riders in favor of the cross country bike is higher than that of any other type of bike in the world. The most favorite mountain bike is liked most by new bike riders who just start joining bike riding sport. There are several reasons for their preference. However, the most important reason is that this mountain bike has such an extremely light weight which allows bike rider has a lot advantages when riding over hills and steeper and rougher terrain even it is no need for them to get off the bike and walk.

It comes as no surprise to everyone that the cross country bike becomes most popular bike in the world and best – seller in many shops which sells mountain bikes and related facilities. In daily life, many people use the cross country mountain bike as vehicles to travel, to go to work or to go to school and so on. With full – suspension or hard tails, using purpose of different bikes is not the same. Therefore, you have to depend on your utilizing purpose to choose a suitable bike for you. There are two tips you should bear in mind when going shopping for a mountain bike. Firstly, a full – suspension bike is great when you ride on rough terrain. Secondly, even though hard tail bike somehow is lighter and faster than full – suspension mountain bike, this does not insure that it will provide riders with better and more comfortable riding quality.

  1. DH Downhill Mountain Bikes

A downhill mountain bike has such a great attraction on experienced mountain biking riders. Downhill mountain bike is used on rough terrain; therefore, it is extremely well built. However, it tackles a drawback that the bike often has heavy duty front but rear suspensions and full-on disc brakes. Many downhill riders self – design and make their bike to meet their own specifications.

It is noticeable that downhill mountain biking is a very dangerous type of mountain biking. Therefore, bike riders are required a lot of skills and experience or else it is easy for them to have fatal accidents. Experienced downhill mountain bikers always have protective method such as using protective equipment, wearing helmet, etc and basic knowledge of doing first aid in case of accidents.

  1. PRO Professional Mountain Bikes

Owing to the name of this mountain bike, we can guess that it is specifically designed for professional mountain bike riders. And of course, these bikes are used for racing and in competition. You might think the professional mountain bikes obviously have some special features. That is true. This kind of mountain bike is designed to be ride on different terrains. It even provides rider with good riding quality when riding downhill. Because it is made for professional bikers, the professional mountain bikes are made of from high quality materials which are very light so that riders can ride easier and faster.

  1. Recreational Mountain Bikes

If you only bike rides for recreational purpose, there is no need to buy a high tech mountain bike like three types of mountain bike above. There is a plenty of mountain bike range for recreational mountain bike to choose.

However, it does not mean that you can buy one of three above types of mountain bike. It depends significantly on your financial status. With high tech equipment, your mountain bike can help you many things on the road and it also helps you be safer.

So where can you get these bikes? Except pro mountain bike, types of mountain bike are almost available in any local mountain bike shop.

  1. Mountain Bike Safety

No matter which type of mountain bike you choose, the safety it provides you is the most important factor you should consider before paying your purchasing bill. To ensure that your bike is safe, you should check out it from top to toe especially integration points. About this type of mountain bike, it is strong but still light to help riders ride easily in mountain and hill terrain. Beside, when you ride mountain bike, you have to pay attention to other relevant factor to your safety such as weather. Wearing protective helmet and other safety equipment is essential to protect yourself when meeting accident.

We provide you information on mountain bike types. Each type has their own unique features that is suitable for specific types of mountain biking. Therefore, you should choose type of mountain biking then pick up your mountain bike. We always hope that you will find our provided information useful for yourself and you will help great mountain bike riding.

Popular types of mountain biking

Mountain biking is believed a helpful for health sport. In terms of physical benefit, mountain biking help you keep your fitness. Mountain bike riding is a good way to burn extra and unnecessary calories. It depends on the speed you ride and the terrain, amount of calories you can burn is different. Averagely, in a minute, you can burn about from ten to sixteen calories and in one hour this amount varies from six hundred to one thousand calories. As a result, after a period practicing mountain bike riding, riders can lose some extra pound or maintain their fitness and beautify their muscles. It is recommended to practice mountain bike riding two to three hours per week to enhance lung capacity. It is studied that your lung capacity increases up to 20 percent if you ride bike regularly 2 to 3 hours per week. Last but not least, mountain biking also helps riders to improve their endurance that is good for them in working and studying.

In addition to physical benefits, mountain bike riding also provides bike riders with a great deal of emotional benefits. Playing sports in general and riding mountain bike in particular are good methods to enhance your feeling. It is said that they contribute to your happiness and well – being.

Last but not least, mountain bike riding is an environmental – friendly sport that should be encouraged in all over the world when environmental conditions are continuously deteriorated.

You strongly recommend you to begin practicing mountain bike riding as soon as possible to take its advantages. If you are confused because you do not have knowledge of types of mountain bike riding, I enthusiastically introduce you the categories of this. There are seven popular types of mountain bike riding including dirt jumping, cross country, cycle cross, downhill biking, BMX, trials, free ride biking, street. Besides, there are also many different styles of bike riding such as street and urban bike riding or single biking, but I would like to give you more details of six former styles. In details, this category is classified depend on riding bike purpose and features of this type such as terrain and riding style. Now we will check them out.

  1. Dirt jumping

This is a kind of riding bike for high jumps over artificial hills which are very dirty. Riders who dare to join this game are very brave because they will be very dirty after finish their jumps and this game is very dangerous for riders. There are averagely more than six jumps done in a running turn. The jumps are so close to each other that the bike riders can get a flow going with their trick riding.

  1. Cross country riding

The name of this type a bit shows you its features. In this riding style, you often have to ride in long routine that includes a lot of hills and mountains. Riders have to go up and go down hills and experience many different terrains. It is sure that riders joining this style will have great experiences during riding trip. However, due to long routine, it takes a lot of time of riders to complete their routine so that cross country bike riders have to have much free time and free schedule to go far from home and office for a long time.

  1. Cycle cross

This type is a bit similar to previous one. However, in this style, it includes river terrain. In the routine, riders must pass many obstacles and go through the rivers and the terrain varies regularly. Therefore, the riders are required to have great endurance and strength.

  1. Downhill bike riding

Downhill bike riding is quite familiar to every athletes and sport desirers. The aim of almost all downhill bike riders is becoming the fastest and safest one to go to downhill. This style is suitable for risk – favorer because it provides riders with great excitement and thrills.

  1. BMX

BMX is a new style of mountain biking. It is often seen at skate parks and dirt jumps areas. A BMX bike has 20 – inch wheels and it is made for performing purpose. It is favorite bike riding style of teen.

  1. Trials
    In trials style, the bikes are designed differently. Each bike has big wheels (20 – 26 inches), smaller and lower frames than other mountain bikes. Trials bike riders are asked to jump over obstacles. Riders have to practice a lot to stay focus and be balance before joining a real trials competition.
  2. Free ride Biking

As its name said, in this style, you are completely free to choose type of terrain and technique you want to perform. Therefore, it is easier for you to express yourself if you take part in this style of mountain bike riding.



Ten facts of mountain biking that not all people know

Riding bike is a part of almost all people’s childhood. Majority of us was given a bicycle by our parents when we were young. I remember the first time I rode a bike that was when I was 8 years old. I tried a big bike of my mom. It was not easy to roll the pedals on my own, but I tried my best then it worked. The bike moved slowly in balance. It was not until I came close to my mother food stall that I nearly collapsed into it and received a rocket from my mother for that. And now, I level up. I am not a free bike rider. I start to bike on mountain and more difficult terrain. Mountain bike riding is an adventure for me. It is not only in terms of mountain riding trips but also about its interesting history. One time, I surfed on internet and found some information on mountain bike riding and I saw them very interesting. Now I would like to share with you these facts that not every mountain bike rider know about. Hope that you will like them.

  1. Many people do not know that history of mountain biking started in 1970 in California, The United State. Mount Tamalpais is where to make the mark of being the initial of mountain biking. It is reported that the pioneer of mountain bike riding are five men including Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, Keith Bontrager, Charlie Cunningham and Tom Ritchie and downhill biking is considered the first type of mountain biking. The five guys invented and designed much different equipment for mountain biking and later on, they opened a shop to sell them.
  2. There is a fact in downhill biking that hardly people know is that riders do not ride bike uphill. They often walk or go up by vehicles then ride downhill.
  3. A man named Bart Jen Brentjens who comes from the Netherlands was the first winner of the first mountain biking event at the Atlanta Olympics.
  4. There is a lot of different prototypes of this sport with variations such as cross country, winter downhill, BMX, single biking, free ride and so on. however, in general, every type of this game require players a great deal of endurance, strength along with patience with this game. In each type, features of the bike are not the same.
  5. Downhill was launched to the first ever Extreme Games in 1995
  6. Downhill is also introduced in the Winter X-Games as a featured extreme sport in 1997.
  7. How to use the brakes in this game require riders a lot of strategies. Not in all and every case, they can hold tight the brakes; it is because sometimes braking causes even more hurt for riders. Therefore, in mountain bike riding course, newbies are taught how to use brakes right and suitably. In this course, trainer also gives riders technique and their experience in using brake to apply in reality.
  8. The world highest height that Trans Himalayan mountain bike race organized in is up to 17,160 ft. It is in the Tibetan – a part of Mount Everest.
  9. It is reported that the ride from Canada to Mexico is the world longest mountain bike race. This routine includes about 2700 miles long, different terrain and over continent divided by the Rockies.
  10. Sam Hill became the youngest Australian to win the world mountain bike championship in 2001 when he was 16 years old at the Vail World championships. He specialized in downhill biking.



Essential things you have to consider when you are going to buy a mountain bike

To buy a mountain bike is not easy that you go to the mountain bike shop, choose which bike you want and pay the bill then go home to bike. It is more complicated to purchase a mountain bike. There are some things you really should put under high consideration before buying a mountain bike.

  • First and basically, the purpose you use this bike is the most significant factors you need to consider. Depending on purpose you ride bike, you can choose a suitable for yourself. If you want to buy a bike for riding every day in park, there is no need to buy a high tech bike. You can buy a very simple and normal bicycle with light weight and firm to be endurable in long – term.
  • With the first factor you are able to pick up type of bike that you need. Three below factors will help you to have a great bike that is endurable, easy to ride and able to give you great experience during riding bike.
  1. Mountain Bike Forks

No matter how many different types of mountain bike forks are, they have common things that are shocks. Shocks help you ride more comfortable than when you ride a bike without shocks. Besides, a bike with shocks passes rough terrain easier and safer.

  1. Mountain Bike Saddles

There are a lot of saddle kinds. For instance, there is a type of saddles which is very light and do not have a lot of padding. However, there is also other type with cushion that help rider feel softer when sitting on. If you often ride on rough terrain, it is recommended to choose cushioning saddles to be more comfortable. But it is said that saddles with less padding can help riders have better performance than the other type.

  1. Mountain Bike Tires

Tires are essential parts of a bike. If the frames make the firm of the bike, tires make it more endurable and smooth in different terrain. To choose what type of tires you want, you have to base on features of the terrain you are going to ride on. About a tire, you need to care about the thickness and endurance. If you think that the thicker your tires are, the better they perform, this is completely wrong. Depending on feature of terrain, thickness of tires helps your bike run differently.



Dangers waiting for women in mountain biking routine

Women always are said to be weaker sex. However, in recent decades, women have proved their strength is as powerful as men’s. They have joined almost all kinds of work that men can do. In terms of sports, there are many risky and dangerous sports such as big wave surfing, heli skiing, street luging, bull riding, bull running, cheerleading, motorcycle riding, high altitude climbing, base jumping and cave diving and so on, that are believed to be only for men, but there are now a large number of female participants. Mountain bike riding used to be male sport only. Thus, in non – sex discrimination society, many women are free to take part in this sport. Even though, this still is a very controversial issue. Many people think this game is too dangerous for weaker sex to join. The opposite convince that women are totally strong and endurable enough to do the extreme sport as men do. Each side has their clue and evidence. However, the final decision is of the participants. Now, I would like to show you some risk you might get when join the extreme sport – mountain biking. Then you can consider whether you are able to endure with this or not.

The Risks Of Women Mountain Biking

  • Sometimes, that bike rider wears sufficient and adequate safety equipment can not prevent them from suffering from injuries. This is the scariest thing of mountain bike riding. If the distance rider fall down is too high, helmet can protect his or her head against a brain attack. It is reported that injuries rider suffered when riding bike often prolong in long – term and very serious. Helmets’ protection effect only work when rider falls in low distance or collapse normally. When the accident occurs in extreme level, its protection does not work effectively and sometimes completely non – useful. In case accident happens, injurers have to wait for support team it is because they are the only ones to have sufficient equipment to rescue you from far distance.

Danger women riders have to face in mountain biking is quite a lot. However, its benefit is also extremely significant which includes fitness, health improvement, and sense of happiness and so on. therefore, before making final decision, you should consider very carefully to avoid ignore any factors. We hope that you will have satisfactory decision.